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Video - LTC Chapter 1

What is long-term care? How does it differ from health-care with health insurance or Medicare? We review in this short segment what the Federal and State government knows about what is looming for Retirees and their Savings being sucked down having to pay for these expenses. Learn & plan. Simply!

Video- LTC Chapter 2

Given the high costs to pay for care at HOME or FACILITY, what exactly is "custodial care" or "long-term care"? In this session, Mark Rogers, CLTC reviews details of how this CARE is defined. Having more knowledge helps avoid un-needed exposure for the Family & Finances! Simply explained.

Video- LTC Chapter 3

The burden falls upon the family for care- Custodial Care. How much are spouses, wives, daughters and other females affected about this topic of "un-paid caregiving"? We review what concerns the industry-- the failing health of the care-giver. LEARN. PLAN. Simply!

Video- LTC Chapter 4

The true cost is going to hit Retirees. The health-care crisis comes up, and we turn to our 401k/IRA to pay the expenses! How expensive is that plan really??? WE have to take out for the IRS (FIRST) and then pay the HEALTH-care Service (SECOND)? Learn how expensive this option is-- and why your Family should be concerned about draining the Retirement Savings for these expenses. 15 minutes-- learn and see for yourself-- the trap-door this presents for retirement! Simply Defined.